El Gran Negocio del Muro

El Gran Negocio del Muro by Andy Robinson (PDF) May 4, 2014 | La Vanguardia

“One of the things that most surprised … Michael Dear during his travels along the great wall/fence that has been built along the 3,000-kilometer border between Mexico and the US is that in some sections not one, not two, but three fences have been built to protect the line. Why? “Well, because it was easy [in some places] to construct three walls. That way, builders could charge three times the amount of money for securing the same stretch of the boundary line. Fence-building is a very lucrative business”

It seems Kafkaesque. But driving through the desert … there are many indicators of what Dear describes as a ‘border security industrial complex,’ a megabusiness that feeds off the enormous sums of money made available in recent years to hermetically seal the border.”