A Reality-based Approach to Ending Homelessness in Los Angeles

A petition by the Inter-University Consortium against Homelessness
January 30, 2007


In Los Angeles today, current policy on homelessness is preoccupied with providing
emergency shelter beds and policing people who are homeless.

Skid Row disproportionately – and unfairly – cares for the region’s homeless people because so many other communities in Los Angeles County provide no services to help them. These communities are using Skid Row as their solution to homelessness.

Everyone in LA wins if we work together to end homelessness.

This petition was written by:
Gary Blasi, UCLA
Michael Dear, USC
Dan Flaming, Economic Roundtable
Paul Koegel, RAND
Paul Tepper, WCA Development Corporation
Jennifer Wolch, USC

and signed by 48 other LA-based
academic researchers:
James Allen, CSUN
Tridib Banerjee, USC
Rosina Becerra, UCLA
Evelyn Blumberg, UCLA
Michael Cousineau, USC
Dana Cuff, UCLA
Mike Davis, UCI
Bill Deverell, USC
Mark Drayse, CSUF
Peter Dreier, Occidental College
Gary Dymski, UCR
Marilyn Flynn, USC
Regina Freer, Occidental College
Stuart Gabriel, USC
Lillian Gelberg, UCLA
Ruth Wilson Gilmore, USC
Robert Gottleib, Occidental College
Fernando Guerra, LMU
David Halle, UCLA
Joel Handler, UCLA
Robert Harris, USC
Yeheskel Hasenfeld, UCLA
Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, USC
Andrea Hricko, USC
David James, USC
Marty Kaplan, USC
Mara Marks, LMU
Jacquelyn McCroskey, USC
Don Miller, USC
Ali Modarres, CSLA
Dowell Myers, USC
Paul Ong, UCLA
Manuel Pastor, USC
Octavio Pescador, UCLA
Jaime Regalado, CSLA
Leland Saito, USC
Leonard Schneiderman, UCLA
Allen J. Scott, UCLA
Anastasia Loukaitou Sideris, UCLA
David Sloane, USC
Edward Soja, UCLA
Madeleine Stoner, USC
Michael Storper, UCLA
Lois Takahashi, UCLA
Bill Tierney, USC
Suzanne Wenzel, RAND
Abel Valenzuela, UCLA
Terry Young, Cal Poly Pomona

Signatories’ affiliations are noted for
identification purposes only.