About Save the Monuments

Monument Mo. 233 near Jacumba Springs

Courtesy of the University of North Texas Digital Library.

Save the Monuments/Salvemos los Monumentos is a grassroots effort to raise awareness and encourage the conservation of the U.S.-Mexico Boundary Monuments.

The boundary markers are the most important manifestations of the past, present and future of the two nations. In the years that followed the end of the 1846-48 war between the two nations, the markers were sometimes destroyed by Indians, used by settlers as building materials, or simply shifted by people who saw resources they desired on the other side of the line. With the passage of time, many monuments became damaged by weather or lightning strikes, and destabilized when their foundations were eroded by natural forces. Today, human abuse most threatens the monuments. They have been deliberately toppled, plastered by graffiti, buried by construction of irrigation channels, and even stolen!

The 258 official boundary monuments and the hundreds of smaller markers are remarkably varied in style and location. They stand like silent sentinels commemorating past conflicts, but also symbolizing the connections and friendships that have developed between peoples on both sides of the line.

They deserve our support not simply as part of our national memories, but also as a promise of our collaborative futures together.