How You Can Help

Adopting a Monument: The Possibilities

These are some of the ways we can support the monuments. If you have any ideas to contribute, or would like to share your experience with the monuments, contact us.

Adoption by schools on the borderline

  • Collaborative art project involving local artists and school children
    • mural honoring monuments
    • ceramic project—sculpting mini-monuments, putting them in classrooms
    • poster projects envisioning the future of border/monuments a la Norma Iglesias
  • Class reports on monument/surveys history/geography
  • Pen-pal project for students in cities that share a monument
    • Classroom pen-pals—did you know about the monument? What are your thoughts on it? Expand discussion into ideas of binational identities/neighbors

Adoption by local businesses

  • Donate money for monument maintenance
  • Display plaques/posters of nearby monument(s) in office/shop

Adoption by local government

  • Getting the govt. on board to support the efforts of people who want to clean/paint/protect monuments
  • Plaques that say: “10 miles north of this point, Monument No. X resides at the peak of…” – weaving the monuments into the fabric of everyday life

Adopting the monuments not in a monetary sense but in a way that aims to incorporates them into our collective consciousness

  • Reclaiming the monuments, making them culturally relevant, creating a sense of ownership of the objects

Collecting photos/postcards of monuments from local archives/libraries

Creating Save The Monuments chapters/collectives in different cities

  • Those who feel passionate about the monuments/live in close proximity to them can volunteer to document them in their current states (photos, drawings, paintings), clean up surrounding debris, re-paint them (govt. permission?)

Creating a Save the Monuments website with historical guide, images and “how to join the movement” information.

Leaving “offerings” at monument sites, honoring their significance (ie wreathes of flowers, small stones) – too much like a cemetery?

Having communities build monument replicas to put in storefronts, schools, etc.

Encouraging people living in monument towns to organize bi-national events around monuments (ie yoga sessions, concerts, religious gatherings, poetry slams, movie screenings).

Write/perform corridos about the monuments / border life

Encourage people to submit their own corridos and display them on website